Prevalence of hypertension

Prevalence of hypertension

According to the definition of JNC-7, 65 million Americans have hypertension and another 59 million have hypertension. Increased blood pressure is more common among African Americans than with white-skinned individuals, and mostly among men. The prevalence of AH increases with age: from 7% at the age of 18-39 years to 66% at the age of> 60 years.

The data from the Framingham Heart Study showed that people with normal blood pressure at the age of 55 have the risk of becoming hypertensive during the rest of their lives, equal to 90%. In the United States, the prevalence of AH is increasing. Although control of hypertension in the 1990s. improved, especially among elderly patients, in general, it remains quite low (30%).

Associated with arterial hypertension risk. Studies have consistently identified an association of elevated SBP or DAP with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Metaanalysis of data from 61 prospective observational studies involving 1 million people. revealed a linear relationship between the value of blood pressure and the risk of vascular death among middle-aged and elderly people with a decrease in blood pressure below 115/75 mm Hg. st ..

AH is also associated with an increased risk of developing HF, MI, and kidney disease. The shape of the SSR curve is linear. For limes aged 40-70 years, each increase in the GARDEN by 20 mm of mercury. st. and dad at 10 mm Hg. st. 2 times increases the SSR (in the range from 115/75 to 185/115 mm Hg. Art.). SAD remains the best clinical predictor of risk.

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