Saving Ration

Very many people with a skeptical sigh lay aside any books and publications about the rules of “antisclerotic” nutrition . Say, listen to clever men from medicine – so you have to give up altogether from all tasty things and almost forbid yourself to enjoy life in favor of ephemeral longevity. But, firstly, many people are forced to refuse fried and sharpened already on the hospital bed , when the question is “is or live.” Secondly, the pleasure of feeling healthy and full of strength is far superior to it and more lasting than the feeling of a brief food euphoria from “m yasa and kvass”, often followed by a long and unpleasant weight in the stomach.

It is well known that vegetable food is more useful than living . International recommendations of physicians prescribe to increase its content in the diet, while limiting the use of “high cholesterol” products – fatty meat and milk, dishes with a high amount of egg yolk, as well as expensive products such as black and red caviar, and at the same time such cheap products , as liver pash theta. At the same time, the energy oversaturation of our diet is reduced by taking into account the extremely moderate consumption of carbohydrates, dressed in sugar, sweets, buns, etc. And the sooner we understand that the life expectancy (healthy and quality ternary) has nothing to do with “harmful” products, the better for us.

It is clear that the world pharmacology is ready to provide us with medications for everything, including drugs that theoretically can reduce the cholesterol in the body.

Observations of scientists have shown that any organism “consumes ” about 3 g of sterile choles per day . And this cholesterol to an adult organism, which has already completed growth and development, is absolutely not needed.

The question arises – can cholesterol in Prince Ipe disappear from the body ” in itself”? To some extent – yes. To cholesterol “worked out”, from it in the liver must develop bile acids. Due to their ” production” during the day , approximately 1 g of cholesterol is consumed . But here there is a nuance. All together (through the intestine) our body leaves only a small amount of bile acid from. The rest is picked up by the blood circulation and again falls into the liver. To help the bile acids to leave the body in larger quantities, and need a coarse-fiber food . First of all , it includes bran, bread, fruits and vegetables.

Similarly, bile acids are adsorbed , binding them, and pectin substances, a large number of which are contained, for example, in apples, prunes, raspberries and red currants. The most accessible of the listed products are apples.

And there are them, namely in prophylactic antisclerotic purposes, it is better not fresh, and baked. In baked apples, the amount of pectin is much larger. Probably, you yourself noticed that this dish is present practically in all anticholesteries of new diets. Pay attention to the red currant – the fact that it contains high content of pectin and ascorbic acid, is evidenced by the fact that delicious and nutritious jelly from this berry can be prepared without using gelatin.

And another amusing testimony in favor of the fact that the quantity and quality of the food we eat is directly related to the number of Holer-containing plaques inside our vessels. You understand that people who engage in different kinds of sports, eat differently and differently . One is eaten by athletes engaged in, say, m, synchronized swimming or figure skating, and the other – boxers and weightlifters. Observations show that the first level of cholesterol in the blood is much lower, and in the second x – much higher than that of an ordinary person, not an athlete. Naturally, to gain the right muscle mass, weightlifters should eat a lot and fat. And figure skaters, on the contrary, stick to the quality vegetative diet.

Is it possible to translate the content of a useful cholester into figures that we understand? Of course, you can. Our internal organs will not suffer if during the day we “limit” 200-300 mg. Roughly the cholesterol contained in one yay -screw yolk. In general, it is recommended that no more than 30% of calories per day come from the fat , which are received daily by the body. How to achieve this in practice, without limiting yourself in nutrition? Here is an approximate menu for the day:

♦ breakfast – an omelet from two proteins, vegetable salad with vegetable oil and a glass of tea or a cup of coffee;

♦ second breakfast – 100 g of cottage cheese and apple;

♦ lunch – vegetable soup (about 250 g) and 60-70 grams of cooked meat with vegetable garnish (150 g), as well as a glass of fruit compote;

♦ snack – 100 g of fresh fruit;

♦ Dinner – 85 grams of boiled fish with 150 grams of potato juice, seasoned with vegetable oil, and a glass of tea;

♦ before going to bed it makes sense to drink a glass of curdled milk and either eat 50 g of soaked prunes.

No matter what they say, but most properly eat vegetarians. Judge for yourself. The colossal energy that our body spends on digesting animal food could be released and spent just to make us feel more alert and active. However, everyone comes to vegetarianism independently.

However, even a slight nutritional balance can significantly reduce the amount of fat in the diet.


Golden rules, in fact, only two: lean meat instead of fat, a minimum of fried foods.

The most cunning and “tasty” solution is to learn how to cook meat in foil. Of course, pork will have to be radically abandoned, but as for veal, beef and chicken it’s just right to learn how to put out meat, bake it in foil (do not abuse the specialties !) And cook soups. In addition, a healthy lifestyle is worth it to buy a steamer and learn how to use it virtuously.

However, it is not only the quality and consistency of meat , but also its quantity. A fully valuable diet means that you need to eat meat (I repeat, low-fat) a day not more than and not less than 150-200 g, fish – about 150 grams, cottage cheese – again no more than 150 grams per day (preferably on the table were not cottage cheese and fish, and cottage cheese or fish). But vegetables and fruits, both freshly cooked and baked, can be absorbed in unlimited quantities. If you are limited in means and can not buy a full basket of vegetables and fruits daily, you can partially replace them with complex multivitamin preparations.

You also need to significantly limit the use of salt. It is desirable that its daily norm in your body does not exceed 5-7 g.

I want to pay special attention to the addictive addiction to the morning eggs of those people who theoretically “do not have time” to cook something for another, but they do not want to go hungry either (and rightly!). Alas, the long-standing Soviet tradition of eating in the morning with fried eggs has led to a cholesteric disability. Pere laden eggs of the body – a direct path to ateroskle rose. After all, the body has four eggs a week! And the rate of consumption by their family is really ten a week.

Just accustom yourself, for example, to buy them only once a week and then diligently ” economize”. After all, one of the most harmful stereotypes practiced by any mistress is the myth that “without eggs there is not a single salad.” By the way, it is because of the abundance of eggs in the “celebratory ” dishes that our stomach is so hard to survive the consequences of going to visit.

Let the lord of your everyday table will be sea ​​fish. She is a champion in the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega- 3 and Omega-6. By the way, it is the sea fish that can become a “guide” to the healthy lifestyle of those people who do not have the strength to follow a diet or lead a secular way of life, daily visiting guests and banquets, where they can not choose their own menu . Replace the following diet to some extent can two (but mandatory!) Fish days a week.

Studies have shown that people who practice these ” fish days” have reduced their predisposition to cardiovascular diseases by half.

Here are more products, whose presence in the daily diet should be increased.

First, it’s a cherry. And not only fresh, but also for ice-cream, and even, remarkably , jam. Secondly – walnuts. Even if you are too lazy to prepare vegetable salads in vegetable oil, where walnuts are an indispensable ingredient, and you will simply eat them with honey, your struggle with cholestatin plaques will become more successful, because walnuts are champions for keeping “deadly” for plaques mono limiting fats. In the third bean. This easily accessible legume culture is made up of a special type of fiber, which effectively removes cholesterol from the body. Once a day eating 300 g of boiled string beans leads to a drop in the level of cholesterol by about 16%. You can also call for help with olive oil. It is the purifier and healer of our vessels. By filling them with all the salads (or simply taking 1-2 teaspoons each day), you can be sure that you are doing a lot of good for your blood vessels.

Here is a short list of useful recommendations regarding your daily diet :

♦ It’s easy to start the day not immediately with a cup of coffee – priskete it with a glass of filtered boiled water, drunk on an empty stomach.

♦ It’s easy to cook a tablespoon of boiled unsalted rice from the evening and eat it just before you leave the apartment.

♦ A little more troublesome, but more effective, to eat daily 200 grams of oatmeal cooked on the water (of course, without oil).

♦ It is good, if all your home soups – on broth from lean beef, to urine or low-fat fish. True, vegetarian soups, generally without meat, are much better, but in my experience, and tastier.

♦ Well, if you prefer fried meat with a steamed fish, like pike-perch or navaga, and your favorite “meat” is boiled or braised beef liver.

♦ Well, if the funds allow you to buy a fresh cucumber each day and eat it, after cleaning it from the peel.

♦ Well, if your favorite salad is not from crab sticks and canned corn, but from tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions and dill.

♦ Well, if you fill it with sour cream or mayonnaise, but with vegetable oil.

♦ When buying milk, sour cream, yogurt and milk, be guided by the cheapest! This does not belittle your status, just the least expensive – the least fatty, consequently, they reduce your life to a lesser extent.

♦ It is good, if fatty roast meat, pates, meat and fish baked in cheese, and stewed dishes will be associated with you exclusively with a holiday and a “wrong” festive table, after which the usual days of everyday healthy food will be explored .

If you no longer consider your cardiovascular system healthy – you should eat some kind of medicinal drink daily, for example, the infusion of the spikes of nickel and hawthorn. If you are thinking about cleaning up your pills for a preventive purpose, you can get by with a cup of good green tea, the main thing for it to be daily . Of course, it’s good if you are concerned with maintaining the health of your family in a complex way and you have traditional “medical” dishes that are absorbed by all members of the family without a murmur , for example a “prison” of two tablespoons (per person) of grated beets and crushed and flavored with sour cream prunes. And in any way Do not damage a glass of carrot or tomato juice drunk daily.

But still, the simplest is, let the bow and garlic, beets and radish, greenery and apples, green tea and olive oil never disappear from your table .

You should also remember the list of things that are harmful. It is “harmful”, not “unhelpful.”

♦ Harmfully eat once a day! Even if your only meal on the day of the meal is not only abundant, but also thoughtful, that is, it consists of useful and “calibrated” in terms of the number of calories !

♦ Categorically you should not buy chocolate with bottles – there are a lot of other chocolate bars on the showcase that are less harmful to the cardiovascular system!

♦ You do not need to order a soufflé and whipped cream in a cafe for dessert.

♦ Do not need a loaf, buttered with butter, to cover with some more delicious “masilka”, for example, caviar-herring or chocolate butter.

♦ Do not eat baking with jam.

♦ Do not drink milk if you have been drinking a cola or mineral water a few hours ago.

♦ Learn not to love the sweet.

And further. Once, when talking about salt and sugar, it was fashionable to use the “white death” stamp . Today it is more appropriate to talk about the “little yellow death” – the bouillon cubes “Maggi”, “Galina Blanka”, etc. Think about how your parents spent decades without them! After all, it is these tiny lumps of harmful substances, like no other new-fangled products, that provoke the appearance of cholesterol ulcers of the eyelids leading to obstruction of the vessels.

As you can see, there are not so many rules of “antisclerotic” nutrition and they are not so heavy. But the effect of their compliance will be very pleasant.


A few years ago, doctors from Veles and the UK made a discovery that “pulled” on the Nobel Prize. It turns out that within 30% of the inhabitants of our planet the gene is slumbering, which allows increasing the amount of useful cholesterol in the body. And how can it be wakened? You should eat every five hours, always at the same time , except, of course, at night.

So, you have learned a lot about how to eat properly so that the vessels are not clogged. From all of the above, there can be an impression that the diet decides everything. But this, alas, is a delusion. Of course, after realizing that you are sick with atherosclerosis, you must go on a diet. But all, absolutely all diets have a common drawback – cholesterol from the body of the isma they excrete extremely slowly. And, if a person is already sick, this way the diet will not help him is rather a preventive measure. The slow and smooth swelling of the body also has a double effect: sooner or later, in response to a drop in the blood level of cholesterol, the organism that is familiar to it will begin to synthesize this substance in increased quantities. In other words, an unwanted balance will be established: the liver with ama, in the process of synthesis, will replace the cholesterol derived from the body.

Therefore, before proceeding to smooth elimination of cholesterol from the body by means of a diet, one must remove a large number of cholesterol . Only then the body will not have time to “come to your senses” and, keeping the diet, we will be able to establish a new cholesterol balance in the body, such as if our body was much younger and healthier.

Therapeutic starvation

All that we mentioned earlier is the recommendations and wishes for people who already understood that they eat wrong and unhealthy, but have not yet become helpless prisoners of the cholesterol blockade. But what if, in the past, the possibilities of preventive purification of the circulatory system are already lost? What to do if, in spite of the rebuilding of the diet, the weight of the diet continues to grow, your heart is always hurting , your head is spinning , you are suffering from shortness of breath, and life finally ceases to please you?

The method of curative fasting is the same non- dermatological and non-surgical “shock” for the body that will allow you to remove from yourselves a huge amount of deadly cholesterol and start life from a clean slate, more precisely , from a clean table. But you need to starve properly, as they say – pan or gone. After all, not having achieved the desired results due to your own negligent attitude towards hunger, you are unlikely ever to be able to repeat this procedure.

What is included in the concept of “properly prepare for the conduct of starvation?” First of all, understand that this is quite a serious event, and realize that you are not going to it from pampering or desire to correct a figure, but from a really conscious need to stop being a sick person with destroyed internal organs. You must clearly understand that quite a long time to you when exists nothing to eat, how to drink less, every day to clean the intestines and stomach, through the day to measure your weight, fully Stu stop taking any medications and, in addition t th, try to clear sly shat your intuition – it is better than no one will tell you when you need to stop starving.

P. Bragg’s Methodology

ietolog Paul Bragg created origi tional method of purification orga nism.

Its prehistory is as follows:

By dissolving the composition of the vegetables that fall on our table, Bragg was able to prove that a huge number of them are impregnated with pesticides, without the use of which, unfortunately, modern agriculture is unthinkable. You can, of course, not think about it, assuring yourself that absolutely healthy food does not exist in our day in principle. It is possible to switch to subsistence farming, to break a certain number of burrows and to eat exclusively “one’s own.” You can fall into the most radical of extremes and stop eating vegetables, limiting yourself to cholesterol-rich meat. And you can step reasonably: not to give up anything and not to recoil in horror from the sellers I am in the market of early ruddy tomatoes , and, firstly, to properly prepare them for consumption and, secondly, to practice every week cleaning of my viscera and blood with the help of fasting using the Bragg technique.

Life forces, the American physician suggests, should not be used once a week for digestion, but should be directed to the reverse process – the body’s entire body from all incoming into it from outside.

And now, through long-term studies of the vital activity of the human body, Bragg deduced the following terms for curative fasting. First, it is a day of total hunger during each week, and secondly, three times a year it is necessary to repeat the fasting, figuratively referred to as the “week without food” (however, Bragg allows a variation in the duration of cleansing fasting from 7 to 10 days) . Even if a decade or a week without food you can not withstand one “hungry” day a week is not difficult at all . Of course, the benefits of this “hungry” day will only be if you practice it every week.

It is possible that, inspired by the result, you will experience in the literal sense of the word “healthy excitement”, in other words, excitement stares for your own health.


In Bragg’s opinion, 24-36 hours of complete refusal of food is enough to ensure that the body is thoroughly cleansed of all the useless, low- quality and simply harmful . It is advisable to practice for about a month in such a diurnal for about a half-hour hunger strike and then begin to perform the main part of Bragg’s technique, that is, do not eat for 7-10 days.

Features of daily meals

Regular fasting on Bragg, however, does not mean that all the rest of the time can be globally pleasing. Breakfast (and in this the doc- tor is in solidarity with many colleges ) should not be dense simply because “the next time we’ll eat is unknown when.” The body rested at night, he absolutely does not need immediate replenishment. At lunch, you should think about whether you did not go too far with the amount of food and the number of dishes; dinner should not be minimized, or, even better, taught to fall asleep without it.

Unfortunately, modern life has led to the fact that a lot of people stay at the computer at night , putting off on just what creative work, requiring the rise of mental and emotional forces. At the same time, they do not deny themselves a “good” meat dinner, sometimes savoring it with beer, and sincerely believe that the “fed” organ will easily carry out the all-night vigil and will yield some positive result. Especially the students commit a sin during the session. However, the effect is obtained by a reverse supper, we force the organism to direct all forces on the digestion of food. As for everything else, then immediately comes the “dream of reason”. The best thing that can do a person, having dined supper, is to go to bed and not to bother his internal systems, which are in need of digesting food, doing something else. On the contrary, to increase the coefficient of useful mental activity, one must go to sleep, and, having awoken, have breakfast, exclusively with vegetables, not earlier than 2.5 hours after awakening .

However, not only do you correctly calculate how and how much there is. No less important is what is. And there is only natural food, Paul Bragg insists . Reduce the “cooked” food, i.e. sausages, smoked products and other meat products produced with the help of industrial chemistry to a minimum. Fish preserves should prefer self-cooked fish, fresh vegetables.

What causes contamination of blood and blood vessels? This is salt, coffee, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, as well as refined white sugar (like everything sweet). Of course, most people may object that they love all these products, which, especially coffee and alcohol, help them feel more cheerful and emotionally. However, if we look at our preferences from a different angle, we will see them “technogenic” – in fact smoking , drinking coffee or alcohol were not inherently inherent in the algorithm of the functioning of the human body. By the way, very many people, whose day begins with coffee, is in continuous smoking and ending It is said that they are completely healthy: they feel physically strong, and their nervous system is believed to work without failures. However, in fact, the circulatory system of these people is contaminated as much as people who do not admit to being sickand constantly complaining of indisposition and physical apathy.