Methods of diet therapy and characteristics of diets

The course of therapeutic nutrition of patients with peptic ulcer begins with the most sparing diet No. 1a. As a rule, in patients taking this diet, pain and dyspeptic symptoms (heartburn, belching, nausea, vomiting) disappear or decrease. Since this diet is low-calorie (2000-2200 kcal), it is prescribed for no more than 10-12 days. 

Diet number 1a (as sparing as possible)

General characteristics. A diet with a physiological ratio of basic nutrients, a sharp restriction of chemical and mechanical irritants of the mucous membrane and receptor apparatus, with some reduction in calorie content, containing qualitatively different fat.
Culinary processing. All products are boiled, wiped or steamed. Dishes of a liquid or liquid-mushy consistency. Calorie content and composition. Proteins 80 g, fats 80-90 g (of which 15-20 g vegetable), carbohydrates 200 g. Calories 2000-2200 kcal. The amount of free liquid is 1.5 l, sodium chloride is 8 g. The mass of the daily diet is 2-2.5 kg. The fractional diet (5-6 times a day). Food temperature: hot dishes – from 57 to 65 ° C, cold – not lower than 15 ° C. An approximate diet menu No. 1a is given in table. A list of recommended foods and dishes. Soups Mucous from cereals (oat, semolina, rice) with the addition of egg-milk mixture , cream, butter. Bread and bakery products are excluded. Meat and fish dishes. Steam souffle (1 time per day) from lean meats, poultry, fish without tendons, fascia and skin. Dishes and side dishes from vegetables are excluded. Dishes and side dishes from cereals. Liquid mashed cereals (from any cereal, except millet) 1 time per day with the addition of milk or cream.

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