Preventing Disease

Movement is life!

We work with you a lot – and suffer from stress . We “relax”, we urge artificial vivacity – and “finish off” our health with alcohol, cigarettes and coffee.

We earn well – and die from overeating and abuse of passive rest . It is hard to believe, but mortality from cardiovascular diseases has increased along with the spread of mobile phones. After all, the presence of a mobile phone at our fingertips has stolen from us even those few meters of “walking” that we have done to approach a stationary telephone set!

Modern medicine has progressed considerably in the study of the causes of heart disease , also because it changed its view on the role of skeletal muscles in the functioning of the circulatory cycle. For centuries it has been thought that the task of skeletal muscles is to help a person move, engage in physical labor and sports. It was meant that they are only “users” with respect to the circulatory system , after all, by making certain physical efforts, we force our muscles to consume 6 0-80 times more blood than in the state of “sofa-bed”, respectively, and increase the load on the heart . It turns out that to save the heart, you need to lie as much as possible and e move? By no means. Long-term rest state levels the micropump functions of skeletal muscles – in other words, they stop helping the heart pump blood and it is forced to work alone. Consequently , the heart becomes much more tired and wears out . Now you understand why the word “physical culture” is present in the list of treatment procedures prescribed by a cardiologist?

Alas, many people will argue – when to go in for sports, if the occupation and the working schedule itself (often unregulated) leave no opportunity for this?

First – a day at the desk, in the car or in the same pose at the conveyor , and then – household chores. After all , a single mother will not go to the gym, instead of preparing a dinner for the child and checking his lessons. So you can not lose a single possibility of “passing physical exercise”: for example, make yourself stand in public transport, even if there are places a (in the bus rolling, the whole body is forced to balance, so the skeletal muscles work). Take for the rule not to use the elevator, even if you live on the 13th floor. At first it will seem absurd to you, but decide for yourself that first you reach the elevator to the 10th floor, a few weeks later – until the 9th, after a few delays – until the 8th. After a while, hiking to your 13th floor will be something like an obligatory evening walk for you (believe me, with the experience of training this will stop taking you a lot of time).

But the most important thing is that the effect on the condition of the cardiovascular system of the system and the whole organism will be the same as if you bought a subscription to an expensive gym and went to work 3 times a week!


If you are already tempted by the idea of “cheap and angry” to go in for sports (that is, vital self-healing), take note of one trick. Still on approach to the house, start to breathe deeply. Once on the doorstep, you will have time to feed the blood with oxygen. This will help you in the fight against shortness of breath – at first it will not advance immediately, but in the course of time will cease to advance at all.

Remember that the most important thing – until mature years, keep the vessels elastic. And their elasticity directly depends on the flexibility of the body. After all, the vessels can not remain elastic for a long time , if the human body is in the same position for days on the computer, without detachment in order to bend a few times, or, until the office staff sees them , sit on the twine.

How to eat

Sad truth

We are well aware that on the Black Continent – in Africa – a disease such as AIDS is very common . But people with a sick heart, on the contrary, can not be found there.

Statistics show that the more developed and provided with a country, the more people with a sick heart in it , the more often cardiovascular diseases become the cause of high mortality . After all, a wealthy person regularly buys himself, for example, foods high in protein and cyanocobalamin ( smoked meat and fish products) and pasteurized dairy products. Among the countries where people die, including due to good nutrition, are the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Finland.


In 2000, according to statistics, with the measurement in Russia of cardiovascular disease, which arose against the background of atherosclerotic vascular lesions, was 801 cases per 100 000 population. In Japan, the same indicator in 2000 – 187 cases (the difference is almost 5 times!). This is due not so much to the development of medicine as to the way of life and nutrition. For

Japan is characterized by a bias in the “fish” diet , and seafood and fish just contain HDL, which have an anti-atherogenic effect.

You have already become acquainted with the main causes of accumulation in the body of cholesterol.

This is a “sofa” lifestyle and the lack of regular and balanced physical activity, a predilection for heavy meat fatty foods ( arenaceous, smoked, dried meat products, especially the gentleman’s kit “fish with beer “), regular use of alcohol. In addition to the fact that x- oleasterin deposits begin to grow inside of us , so also the body weight increases. Agree, only very few people are calm about the fact that they begin to grow stout. For most people, especially for women, this is a huge nuisance, if not a tragedy. However, we all begin to beat in great harmony when the weight really becomes critical. For the time being, it exceeds the body mass index suitable for us by only 4-5 kg ​​- this does not frighten us, they say, everything is normal , this age. Meanwhile, back in the middle of the last century, scientists proved that an “unplanned ” weight gain of 4 kg is the first step of the body on the way to atherosclerosis.

By the way, it is in the USA that the most depressing indicators for the contamination of organisms with cholesterol plaques are in people aged 65 and over. The reason is that for many decades the population of our country was eating “mass”, cheap and harmful products, and the shortage of food in the 90s of the 20th century convinced the many that potatoes with bacon and pickles are the most notable useful and satisfying daily food.

However, it will be naive to believe that atherosclerosis from this day is more often than not the “fun of the elderly”. A huge number of young people today strongly “save” themselves cholesterol plaques, because it abuses so- called “youth” products . First of all, this is the range of McDonald’s and all kinds of popular network bistros. Not less popular and all kinds of shop fast food, and it ‘s not just about hot dogs that we eat on the run, but also about office products – soups, pasta and instant mashed potatoes, which replace their lunch daily with 98% of “office ladies” .

It takes two months to absorb all these “Big Macs” daily , so that “colonies” of lipids are formed on the inner shell of our arteries. It is clear that just so a person does not feel it. However, scientists, trying not to miss the opportunity to formalize young victims of mass catastrophes and natural disasters , come to depressing discoveries. For example, among the young people who died in the terrorist attack in New York on September 11, 2001, there was a huge number of girls aged 26-30 and men aged 18-15 who had an intensive cholesterol deposition on the walls of the vessels . At 35% of these people, according to doctors, had a chance to be disabled in 45-50 years. Fast food is one of the main sources of cholesterol .

Modern life, especially in big cities, requires us to be quick. And increasingly “fast” seems to us pleasant and tasty. You can get rid of hunger by eating crisps. Free yourself from the evening prepared for buckwheat porridge, you can order the head pizza from semi-finished products. Traditional for many beer use after work is usually combined with a snack – the same fast food, as few people would think that before the beginning of a beer party it would be better to visit the most ordinary dining room or cafe, in which there is a real mashed potatoes, and not ” from the sachet. ”

There is an exit

The scientists’ assurance that atherosclerosis can be completely eradicated from our body , provided that the diet and sports are observed, is not mif. It is another matter that the diet of food , and the way of life, for people “stuffed” with lime-lipids, will have to be changed very seriously. And some changes in nutrition, without physical loads, too, do not cope. But after all, and the result is guaranteed – if we take care of ourselves for real, we can hear from the doctor in a year or a year and a half from the doctor that atherosclerotic plaques have dissolved inside us and disappeared without a trace. So everyone is free to decide for himself whether the passion for “urban food” is worth a significant shortening I have a life, the last years of which , moreover, have to spend a little sympathetic obese disabled.

We are used to believe that atherosclerosis, which is the result of an over-saturation of the body with cholesterol, is primarily an American problem. Do not consider jokes about the fact that Americans, by the grace of fast food, are the most fat and the least mobile nation. What is true here is that it was precisely the Mérican scientists who first raised the alarm, realizing that the population of the huge strata was a victim of food abundance. It was the “fat Americans”, who seriously took this national problem seriously , managed to achieve worthy results in the region and reduce the indicators of heart failure, heart attacks and strokes.

When the “anti-cholesterol boom” rolled across America, the US Congress adopted

A nationwide program to combat atherosclerosis , leading campaigns began to develop products without fats, sugar, salt and cholestina, and in American films, the smoking hero began to become a “loser” – the results after a while really impressed. During the last two decades of the last century, American physicians were able to halve the number of patients and 30% the number of heart attacks. And if at first the respectable mother Europe watched the anti-cholesterol activity of American industrialists and doctors with a mocking smile, then today it’s time to sound the alarm to the Europeans themselves. On example, the Czechs with their national predilection for beer and pashtetics or Poles – lovers of eating smoked meat.

Not so long ago, the European Union adopted a program for the European correction of lipid metabolism in European countries.

In the USA , despite the fact that “gourmet” products have not yet become a mass consumer , the situation with atherosclerosis is in fact nothing better than in Europe.

Today approximately 60% of the working-age population of the USA needs to observe a special atherosclerotic diet. The problem of atherosclerosis is seriously taken up by native scientists. They argue for a more responsible attitude of people to preventive measures. For example, in every family where atherosclerosis is detected in a person under the age of 55, a thorough examination of all people, including children from 2 years of age, is necessary , since they are all at risk.

Where in the world are most of the long-livers? Correctly , in Japan and Korea. It is there that the largest number of old people who have crossed a staggering line and are at the same time tolerably feeling themselves. Why? Because the food of the Japanese and Koreans is dominated by substances called phosphorolipids. The fact is that daily in their diet ration is dominated by soy and seafood, to which they contain phosphorolipids. By the way, another interesting observation – in the United States among the emigrant women, the highest mortality rates as a result of atherosclerosis is precisely among Japanese and Koreans, since their blood circulation system is particularly rapid Oily and heavy American food.

The main advantage of phosphorolipids is a powerful antioxidant ability.

They very “skillfully” connect and remove from the body x of the cholesterol and significantly inhibit the development potential of atherosclerosis. In addition, an increase in the human body phosphorolipids halved the risk of developing malignant tumors of internal organs.

In addition to soy and marine products, the inhibition of the growth of atherosclerotic plaques is influenced by the regular intake of certain vitamin supplements. The most effective of them is nicotinic acid, which doctors advise taking daily 3-4 g per day courses 1-2 times a year. As a rule, the course of taking nicotinic acid is calculated for several months. She also has positive side effects – vasodilation and acceleration of oxidation-reduction reactions , important, including for the prevention of atherosclerosis. Another anti-sclerotic drug, working on prevention, is ascorbic acid. The minimum dose of a daily intake that can improve lipid exchange, – 3 g. The adult is given a daily dose of 10 g. Being a strong antioxidant , ascorbic acid is continuously converted into dehydroascorbic acid, which contributes to the qualitative relief of free radical reactions, “difficult” for our body. By the way, most fruits ( especially citrus fruits) have a high content of natural vitamin C, which is easily absorbed by our body.

Finally, some physicians advocate for the regular reception of ion-exchange resins, which bind cholesterol and bile acids to more effective food products. I recommend you cholestyramine – the most effective for today’s anti-sclerotic copper kametoznoe agent.



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