Standard Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Staff. The standard cardiac rehabilitation program has a manager (director) who is a doctor. The rehabilitation team also includes a full-time nurse and other nurses, or personnel trained in conducting and monitoring TF and conducting patient education. In accordance with the requirements of insurance companies in the United States, programs for Stage 2 cardiac rehabilitation are carried out only in the presence of a doctor. In addition, to receive insurance payments to patients during each program visit, an ECG must be performed, which should be recorded and interpreted.

There is no definition of the term “physician’s presence at the time of TF”, but it is usually meant that the doctor must be somewhere close to be able to provide assistance in acute situations. The entire staff of the program should be trained in the rules of cardiac resuscitation. During FT, a nurse should also be there to intervene in acute conditions and apply medications. The recommended staffing level is: 1 employee per 5 patients in the programs of stage 2 and 1 employee per 10-15 patients in the programs of stages 3-4.

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