Etiology of acute gastritis, gastroenteritis

Acute gastritis, gastroenteritis are gastrointestinal disorders caused by nutritional errors (overeating, eating unusually spicy and too rough food, unripe fruits, etc.), using stale, infected foods to eat. In addition, severe disorders from the stomach and intestines can occur a second time with various, and especially infectious, diseases.
Acute gastritis and gastroenteritis are quite common, especially in preschool children. However, a significant number of patients, due to the comparative ease and short duration of the course of the disease, are cured with home remedies and remain outside the field of vision of the doctor. In many cases, the diagnosis of acute gastritis and gastroenteritis is not recorded, considering gastrointestinal disorders as a manifestation of general intoxication in various infectious and somatic diseases. Meanwhile, a morphological study of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines reveals distinct inflammatory and dystrophic changes in such cases.

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